TSCAN Bundle - Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Scan Kiosk with 5 Handheld Thermometers

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TSCAN Bundle | Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Scanning Kiosk with 5 Handheld Thermometers

BUNDLE AND SAVE! The Advance IR TSCAN Bundle includes (1) TSCAN-750 Temperature Scanning Entry System with Facial Recognition - PLUS - (5) TSCAN-450 Non-Contact Handheld Infrared (IR) Thermometers.

TSCAN-750 Temperature Screening Entry System with Facial Recognition and Door Lock Integration:

Simple operation requires that the user stands in front of the device, and within one second, their identity and body temperature are automatically logged and recorded. After the user’s identity is authenticated and a normal body temperature is recorded, the user is granted entry/access to pass. If the user’s body temperature exceeds a normal value, the system will automatically alarm and prohibit passage.

  • Full and partial facial recognition with capability to detect a user while wearing a face mask
  • Accurate, fast response, non-contact forehead temperature scanning with high temperature alarms
  • Connects to secure gate entry systems
  • Various modes of operation for use in a wide range of settings, including workplaces, educational facilities, sports venues, retail stores, and airports
  • HTML user interface for data access on a local network for use by employers and educational campuses.
  • Individual record keeping of time (entry/exit) and attendance with body temperature readings
  • Quick Screening Mode enables user access when individual data records are not required

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TSCAN-450 Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Handheld Thermometer:

For accurate and stable surface temperature readings of both the human body and objects. By using infrared technology, the TSCAN-450 allows for quick, easy, and contactless temperature measurement, making it ideal when screening large groups, as well as young children and babies.


  • Human Body Temperature Measurement
  • Object Surface Temperature Measurement


  • Patented distance detect technology
  • Power-On-Self-Test (POST)
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface – No special skills required
  • Large easy-to-read LCD Screen
  • Power Saving Design - Auto power-off after 30 seconds
  • Switchable Measurement Unit - User-selectable Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C)

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