TSCAN-750 - Temperature Scanning Kiosk with Facial Recognition

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TSCAN-750 | Temperature Scanning
Kiosk with Facial Recognition

Advance IR TSCAN-750 Temperature Scanning Entry System combines infrared (IR) temperature measurement with facial recognition - PLUS - door lock integration to control entry.

Simple operation requires that the user stands in front of the device, and within one second, their identity and body temperature are automatically logged and recorded. After the user’s identity is authenticated and a normal body temperature is recorded, the user is granted entry/access to pass. If the user’s body temperature exceeds a normal value, the system will automatically alarm and prohibit passage.

  • Full and partial facial recognition with capability to detect a user while wearing a face mask
  • Accurate, fast response, non-contact forehead temperature scanning with high temperature alarms
  • Connects to secure gate entry systems
  • Various modes of operation for use in a wide range of settings, including workplaces, educational facilities, sports venues, retail stores, and airports
  • HTML user interface for data access on a local network for use by employers and educational campuses.
  • Individual record keeping of time (entry/exit) and attendance with body temperature readings
  • Quick Screening Mode enables user access when individual data records are not required
Modes of Operation:

Identity Mode

  • Combined facial recognition and temperature measurement for access control and attendance management
  • Equipped with web interface to view historical statistics

Quick Screening Mode

  • Allows entry based on temperature reading without recording individual data
  • Temperature and entry statistics available via mobile app

Box Contents:
  • 1 TSCAN-750 Unit with Amphenol approved application software
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 4 Power International Adapter Plugs: 1x Type A, 1x Type C, 1x Type G, 1x Type O No Ground
  • 4 Cables: 1 x 2 pin, 1 x 6 pin, 1 x 7 pin, and 1 x 11 pin
  • 1 Port Cover
  • 1 Wall Mount Kit which includes:
    • 1 Wall Mount Plate
    • 4 Wall Plugs
    • 4 KA 4x25 Screws
    • 4 KM 4x10 Screws
    • 4 Hex Screws
    • 4 Hex Nuts
    • 8 Flat Washers
    • 1 ¼-20 3/8” Phillips Screw

Product Documents:
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