Frequently Asked Questions - Temperature Screening Solutions

TSCAN-750 | General FAQ
What is the default alarm setpoint in °F/°C?

The default alarm setpoint is 100.9°F/38.3°C.

Is it possible to extend the display time of temperature measurements?


Is it possible to select a language other than English?

No. The unit currently only operates in the English language. In the future, other languages may become available.

Are we able to close the temperature screening app and open another app on the tablet, such as device settings or photo gallery?


For facilities that already utilize badges/keycards to grant building entry, can TSCAN-750 integrate with such systems?

No. TSCAN-750 operates independently of other systems. Essentially, the user’s face is their badge.

What is the best way to accommodate for users of varying heights? For example, when in use at middle/high schools, student heights vary greatly from Grades 6-12.

When used on a tripod or other adjustable device, keep the tripod height set lower, but angle the TSCAN-750 device upward slightly. This way, shorter people can stand close, and taller people a little farther away without needing to bend their knees.

After reboot, does the device automatically resume operation in the previously selected mode?

When operating in Identity Mode, the device will retain the previously selected mode upon reboot. When rebooted in Quick Screening Mode, however, the device does not automatically resume operation in Quick Screening Mode. The device will return to the mode selection screen.

TSCAN-750 | Identity Mode FAQ
Why do I not see Identity Mode as a menu option? Instead, I see Company and Educational Modes.

If you are seeing Company and Educational Modes as menu options, your device software needs to be updated. The latest software version is available for download on the Software page.

When in Identity Mode, will the door unlock if an unregistered user obtains acceptable temperature scan?

No. The door will not unlock for any unregistered user.

When in Identity Mode, is the scanned data encrypted?

Stored data is username and password-protected. Data can also be deleted from the server.

For facial recognition, can pre-existing photos be used? Or do new photographs need to be taken directly with the TSCAN-750 device?

Pre-existing photos can be used and imported onto the device. New photos can also be taken with the device for use. To import photos, see page 8 of User Software Manual (AIR-INS5781).

How do I give database login access to a second computer on my server?

On the second computer, open the Google Chrome browser, and type http://<server ip address>:30091 into the URL address bar. You will then be redirected to the management console software.

TSCAN-750 | Quick Screening Mode FAQ
When in Quick Screening Mode, can we restrict access so that only admins can change settings/configuration?

No. When in Quick Screening Mode, the device does not utilize an operator code (password). This feature is only available in Company and Educational Modes.

Is it possible to hide the information shown at the top of the screen? 

Please complete network setup; information will no longer be shown after network setup is complete.

Is there a way to disable the touchscreen when in operation?


When in Quick Screening Mode, will any data of scanned individuals be saved on the device? i.e. Scanned Photos, Body Temperature, Date/Time/Location

No. Data is not stored on the device itself, but Quick Screening Mode can be used in conjunction with the online application, which can be downloaded for iOS or Android.

After reboot in Quick Screening Mode, does the device automatically resume operation in Quick Screening Mode?

No. When rebooted in Quick Screening Mode, the device will automatically return to the mode selection screen. When operating in Company/Educational Modes, however, the device will retain the previously selected mode upon reboot.

When in Quick Screening Mode, after tapping on the device five times, the device asks for the user to “enter a project code into the debugging interface.” How do we obtain this project code?
This interface is for debugging purposes only. It is not meant for customer access.

TSCAN-750 | Temperature Cloud App FAQ
How does the device communicate with the Temperature Cloud App?

The device communicates with the Temperature Cloud App via the internet.

Who has access to the data that is stored in the Temperature Cloud App?

Data is stored on a cloud server and can only be accessed with corresponding username/password.